Begg's mag all about new Scottish writing.

World of Toad

Craig's occasional clam-suffering, pond-dwelling, philosophical creation.

Scottish Poetry Library

It's a library. Full of Scottish Poetry. They'll even let you touch the books. And it's dead near some good pubs. What are you waiting for?

The Association for Scottish Literary Studies

Useful website for students and lovers of Scottish literature, great collection of links. ASLS also publishes the annual collection "New Writing Scotland".

Poetry Scotland

Website of broadsheet "Poetry Scotland" and poetry imprint, Diehard publishers. Interesting site, also features "Open Mouse", a come-all-ye e-publication page.

Liz Lochhead

Rather bland British Council page on "contemporary author #154", Liz Lochhead. Doesn't do justice to her full gothic splendour, but it's a good jumping-off point.


Fife-based Poetry Chapbook imprint. They also publish Sphinx magazine, featuring Chapbook reviews, interviews and some poetry.


Scotland's Quality Literary Magazine. Does what it says on the tin. Usually...

Tom Leonard

Website of one of Glasgow's finest, most original wordsmiths. A good selection of work to read and plenty of agitprop. Interesting links page.

Sonja Henrici

Edinburgh-based German poet, writer and friend of ours.

Don Paterson

Official site of anti-postmodern Scottish poet & jazz musician Don Paterson. Currently under renovation but check back later.

Martin Harrison

Some information on Australian poet and critic, Martin Harrison, who is also a lecturer in poetry and poetics at University of Technology, Sydney.

Edwin Morgan

"Official Site" of the official Scots Makar. Cool wee flash animation at the start. Mainly bibliiographic and biographical information.

Norman MacCaig

The best unofficial site on Stobo's favourite poet.


Behind every Peat Poet is a great web design and hosting company...

Bluebottle Kiss

The Finest Band to Have Ever Come Out of Sydney. They should be huge, but it's much nicer that they aren't.


Check out the hometown of the Baron von Munchausen. No, we're not joking...

Danny Cheung

A man in a wetsuit holding a large, Orwellian goldfish bowl. It can only be Aussie designer-at-large Danny Cheung.

Mandy Sayer

Biographical info on Aussie writer and generally fascinating person Mandy Sayer.

University of Technology, Sydney

Homepage of the Department of Writing & Cultural Studies at UTS. Link from there to the UTS Centre for New Writing.

Franz Kafka Big Band

Eight of ten walnuts prefer them. Comedy's bad boys drool all over the competition like a kiddie-fiddler in a tuck shop. Currently dormant, but then so are a lot of volcanoes...

Word Power

Want a different reading list? Try Scotland's only radical bookshop.

Teenage Fanclub

Begg would say simply The Finest Band to Have Ever Come Out of Glasgow, ever. Although Stobo prefers The Blue Nile (qv)...

The Blue Nile

Stobo would say simply The Finest Band to Have Ever Come Out of Glasgow, ever. Although Begg prefers Teenage Fanclub (qv)...

Kilmarnock FC

Ayrshire's Finest. This is the fans' site, see also the official site:

Partick Thistle FC

The Great Glasgow Alternative. Stobo is a 4th generation fan - it's in the DNA!